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What is your minimum age for surfing?

Once you hit your 7th birthday you can come surfing with us. Wahey! No upper age limit, aged 87 is our current record holder but we’d love a challenger…

What do I need to bring on the day?

Some swimwear and a towel, ideally, and we’ll sort the rest. Slather on the sun cream even if it’s cloudy.

How many lessons should I book?

We’re almost certain we’ll get you standing during your first lesson, so why not come along for a first one and see how you get on? We can always book you in for more once you’re here.

I’ve got an inhaler / insulin / medication: can I bring it with me on the lesson?

Of course, one of the instructors will carry a waterproof backpack to the shore, so we can take anything you need with us.

I’ve got my own equipment: can I use it for the lesson?

Of course! We’ve got everything you need here, but if you’ve invested in your own kit, you’re welcome to bring it along. If you’re got a new surfboard, the instructors will be more than happy to help you familiarise you with it. If you’ve got a shorty wetsuit you might wish to swap to one of our long sleeves, just to avoid your knees rubbing against the board.

Do I need to pay you a deposit?

We only ask for deposits for large groups, private sessions, and out of season lessons, so it’s rare. We’ll let you know when you book.

Will I be safe during my lesson?

Our instructors are all accredited beach lifeguards and have years of experience: they have surfed in various conditions all over the world, and even have HNDs and degrees in surfing or similar. You can rest assured you’re in the safest hands possible. What’s more, Mawgan Porth beach is patrolled by RNLI lifeguards during the day in the summer season. Our instructors are always checking the conditions, and will only allow a lesson to take place if they deem the conditions completely safe.

Where do I meet you for my lesson?

Kingsurf is based in a wooden surf shack tucked behind Betty’s surf shop, right next to the entrance to the main car park in the village. You can’t miss us once you’re down at Mawgan Porth beach! If you need a postcode for your Sat Nav, use TR8 4BA.

If I’m having more than one lesson do I have to take them on consecutive days?

It’s completely up to you when you have your lessons. Some people prefer to have 2 per day, others prefer to have a day’s rest in between! It will make no difference to the price of your course to spread them out over several days, morning or afternoon.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Just let us know as soon as you can by email at or telephone voice message at 01637 860091.

Is there an extra charge for borrowing equipment?

Nope! All the equipment you’ll need to go surfing is included in the price of your lesson: surfboard and wetsuit (plus boots and gloves in the winter).

Is the sea cold in North Cornwall?

We wear summer wetsuits during May to October (usually 3mm thick) and then winter wetsuits the rest of the time (5mm thick), and have no problem with the cold. The sea is often warmer than the air!

Do you hire out surf boards and wetsuits?

Kingsurf provides the lessons, and our partners Betty’s surf shop (right next door) does the hire. You can get in touch with them here:

Where can I park?

Kingsurf is based right by the entrance to an all day car park for Mawgan Porth beach – pretty reasonably priced too 🙂

Is there anywhere for us to eat nearby before or after our lesson?

Mawgan Porth has quite a few options for eating out! Cornish pasties and ice-cream from Betty’s, pub grub from The Merrymoor, or something freshly cooked from The Park Cafe should sort you out, all within walking distance.

Do I need swimming goggles?

We’ve never encouraged people to wear goggles for their lesson, and have many regular surfers who go in with contact lenses and have no problems. It’s your call, but we say you don’t particularly need them.

I have a physical impairment / learning difficulty / am deaf / partially sighted or other issue: can I come surfing with you?

We’d love to take you surfing! The minimum requirement for surfing with us is that you can swim 50 metres: if you can do this, we can help with the rest. We’ve had fantastic deaf, limbless, and autistic surfers before – keep ’em coming! Send us an email to with your requirements and we’ll do our utmost to book you in.

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