Kingsurf surfing lessons - Newquay Cornwall
Kingsurf surfing lessons - Newquay Cornwall
Posted on Friday, 23 November 2012
Kingurf Winter Hoodies now in Stock for Christmas!
This has to be a first for us! We've managed to get the summer clothing designed printed and ready before June and now we've gone and got the winter Hoodies all finished before December. How we have changed! The plan now is to start answering phone calls and replying to emails within 24rhs for the 2013 season! Unfortunatley our productivity is completely dependent on how good the surf is. So unless there is no surf at all i can't really see that happening, but the awearness of our addictive problem is there but sadly it is untreatable!

Anyway here we have a thicker warmer front zip hoodie range for the winter months for more info please see our clothing page

New Hoodies £20

Come skiing!